• Lieferung innerhalb von Berlin

  • Bestelle bis Donnerstag Mitternacht und erhalte die Macarons am Freitag (City - Ost) oder Samstag (City - West)

  • Kostenlose Abholung jeden Montag - Samstag in Mitte und jeden Samstag in Zehlendorf

  • Kostenlose Lieferung ab 49€ Bestellwert



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2X MINO | Yuzu · Shiso · Halva

2X PIURA | Pink Pepper · Pineapple · Milk Chocolate

2X VILLARRICA | Passionfruit · Black Cumin · Smoked Caramel

2X RIO | Cachaça · Lime · Coriander

2X CAPRI | Lemon · Chilli · Olive Oil

2X KEMI | Cowberry · Camembert

We use high quality ingredients only. All of the Macarons are gluten free and made without any artificial flavouring.

Contains the following allergens :

Eggs, Milk and Milk products (including Lactose), Nuts (Almonds), Sesame.

Contains food coloring. (RIO - Contains alcohol)

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